Paul Renner

Paul Renner was born August 9, 1878 in Wernigerode, Germany. He is said to have been raised to exude and demonstrate a German sense of leadership, duty and responsibility, and was known for his mistrust of abstract art and numerous forms of modern culture, as exemplified in jazz music, dancing and the cinema. At the same time, he admired the principle of function, as purported by Modernism. As it regards typefaces, Renner attempted to fuse the Gothic and Roman kinds. His beginnings included the study of architecture and painting in Berlin, Munich and Karlsruhe, after which he worked as a painter in Munich.

renner_fontsample01_d12367i28 Renner, Font Sample, Font, date unknown

From 1907 to 1917, Renner worked as the production assistant and presentation manager for Georg Müller Verlag in Munich. Then, in 1911, he co-founded a private school for illustration; and from 1925 to 1926, was head of the commercial art and typography department at the Frankfurter Kunstschule. Immediately afterwards, Renner was made the director of the city of Munich’s Grafische Berufsschulen and, from 1927, the Meisterschule für Deutschlands Buchdrucker. As a representative of the German Reich, Renner was at the helm of the design of the German section at the Milan Triennale, as of 1933. In this same year, he was dismissed from teaching after being arrested. After being forced to leave his post at the Meisterschule, he worked as a painter from 1934 onwards. He was harassed by the Gestapo in 1944, after an attempt was made to assassinate Hitler; wherein some of his relatives were implicated.

Paul-Renner-in-Letterform-Archive-Calendar Renner, First specimen of Futura, Font, 1927

On another note, Renner would also take time to write on topics pertaining to typography, lettering, graphics and colour studies. It must be noted that we produced the following fonts: “Futura” and “Plak” (in 1928), “Futura Black” (in 1929), “Futura licht” and “Futura Schlagzeile” (in 1932), “Ballade” (in 1937), “Renner Antiqua” (in 1939), and “Steile Futura” (in 1954). As well as being most famous and renown as designer of the typeface Futura, Renner made a significant contribution to modern typography through his teaching and writing. His major published work would be “Die Kunst der Typographie” (1939). Paul Renner died on April 25, 1956 in Hödingen, Germany; but lived to have been noted as an astounding graphic artist, painter, type designer, author, and teacher.

Works influenced/inspired by Renner

93e45725802881.5604cf30f21f0 Soo Yeun Ji, Paul Renner Poster, Poster, 2012

b8300b30208073.56057526dead8 Zen Lam, Poster Design – Futura and Paul Renner, Poster, 2012


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